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Blasting Machines And Spray Guns

We are engaged in offering our patrons a broad range of Shot Peening & Blasting Machines, Spray Guns, Powder Coating and Cranes & Spare Parts. All the products are supplied as per the needs of the various clients. Our close follow up with the client backed up by our after sales service ensures uninterrupted operation of the equipments.Repeat orders from our existing clients boost our confidence in future supplies. These products are known in the market for their dimensional accuracy, abrasion resistance, high performance and longer functional life.
Sand Blasting Machines And Shot Blasting Machines
We are proud to offer superior quality Sand & Shot Blasting Machines that are specially designed by experts keeping in mind varied needs and requirement of our clients. Made from wear resistant spares that offer anti abrasive and anti-corrosive features to them, our Shot Blasting Machines have carved niche in markets across the globe.
Features of Shot Blasting Machines :
• Made from wear resistant spares
• Robust construction
• Unique design
• Anti-corrosive nature
• Long operational life
Features of Sand Blasting Machines :
• Cleaning of Pipes and Vessels
• Cleaning of Sculptures and Monuments
• Cleaning of Bridges, Tanks,
• Removal of Rust, Corrosion and Scales
• Re-conditioning and Surface Preparation before Painting
• Cleaning of Structural Steel
Sand & Shot Blasting Machines

Blast Room Systems
The layouts of complete Blast Room System are always different from plant to plant, every blast room must be designed independently depending upon the customer´┐Ż≥s requirement.variety of Blast Room designs and system configurations which allow us to design a blast room facility uniquely tailored to meet the economic production, safety & environmental concerns of each customers.

Blast room equipment is used in a wide variety of industries that require surface preparation prior to the application of a protective coating. The surface of the work piece is cleaned by a mixture of abrasive and high pressure compressed air being directed at the work piece by blast nozzle. The blast room contains the abrasive being shot at the work piece, as well providing lighting & ventilation for the operator's safety.
Blast Room Systems

Airless Shot Blasting Machines
Rail Coaches, wagon, huge castings etc. are being blast clean for surface preparation in Airless Blast Room System to achieve productivity. The Airless Blast Room provides online blast cleaning, media reclaiming and dust free environment.

Airless Blast Room, the job travels and enters in one side automatically; get blast clean by no. of blast wheel ranging from
10-15 wheels.
Airless Shot Blasting Machines
Dust Collectors

A Dust Collector is to separate any metallic or other dust particles from the spraying / Blasting room and discharge clean air to the atmosphere. In this the suction created by Exhaust Fan causes the dust laden air to enter the Dust.

Special Features :
• Modular Design with no moving parts.
• Low maintenance and replacement of fabric bags are easy and quick.
• Fair air to filter ratios.
• Assures longer life of bags.
• Variety of fabric material.
• Fabric bags are normally of cotton woven satin cloth.
• However, other materials can be supplied to suit individual application.
Dust Collectors

Metal Spraying Guns
Flame type Metal Spray Gun sprays pure or alloyed metal such as Zinc, Aluminium, Steel, Brass, in wire form by using Oxygen-Acetylene / L.P.G. gases flame and atomized by a blast of compressed Air. Spraying of metal to prevent corrosion against water, atmospheric & chemicals.
Metal Spraying Guns
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